Every woman, just like every pearl, is unique and beautiful. Reflect your unique beauty with your own sacred scent.

The commercial fragrance industry is big business. Millions of dollars are spent on marketing, advertising, and focus groups, to ensure that the latest perfume has the widest possible audience. The end result is a perfume which offends no one, is liked by almost everyone, but is perfectly suited to few.

Pearl Perfumery turns the current trend of perfume production and mass marketing upside down. We believe that people are unique, and ideally, their fragrance should be too. We use the highest quality aromatic ingredients including a high proportion of the purest essential oils available to produce luxuriously beautiful oil-based scents. The use of synthetic ingredients is kept to a minimum and only used when there is no natural alternative.

Are you searching for the perfect scent? Have you outgrown your favourite perfume? Pearl Perfumery can help. Pearl Perfumery can create a signature scent for your businesses too.

You may have become sensitive to commercial perfumes. Headaches, asthma attacks and nausea are increasingly reported reactions to many commercially available perfumes.

At Pearl Perfumery, we use 100% organic jojoba oil as a base for the aromatic ingredients. The benefits are two-fold. Jojoba oil is gentle and has similar characteristics to the skin's natural chemistry. It also slows the release of the essential oils so that you experience a subtle unfolding of the fragrance accords. Alcohol can be drying on the skin, but it also accelerates the release of the ingredients, many of which could be allergenic.

Pearl Perfumery can create a perfume for you from entirely natural organic essential oils. Your perfume will be as beautiful and natural as you.