Your journey is unique. My journey led to the creation of Pearl Perfumery.

My earliest scent memories are the smell of Johnson's baby powder, magnolia, and my mother's Arpege. I also remember the smell of my Grandmother's garden, as well as the Australian native plants in the bushland near her house. She also loved fine fragrance and her miniature bottles of Chanel No. 5, L'air du temps and Je Reviens were a constant source of fascination. My Nana's middle name was Pearl and she was an inspiration to me and the creation of Pearl Perfumery.

My journey was not without pain, but that pain was transformative and led to the realisation that perfume is my passion. Like the grit which is transformed within an oyster to form a beautiful pearl, this discovery was the inspiration for the birth of Pearl Perfumery. My life as a scientist was fulfilling on an intellectual level but did nothing for my soul. When I read "The Emperor of Scent" by Chandler Burr, the true story of Luca Turin, a cross-discipline scientist, perfume obsessive and world famous perfume critic and his quest to uncover the science of smell, my love of perfume was re-ignited and my life was changed forever.

I suddenly knew I must create perfume, sacred scents, elusive and evocative expressions of beauty.

-Candace, perfumer